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Many of us spend dollars in a single day-sometimes for smoking, sometimes for a mug of beer, sometimes for some candies and some extra snacks and coffee, but have we ever thought that there are also people who are not even able to earn enough for their one time meal, who work hard day and night but at the end of the day have to sleep empty stomach.

Many among them are not even able to dream of those things which we do regularly. Have we ever thought what our one dollar contribution can give to them. Here are these.
Your ten dollar can help us to give a pair of shoes to someone.
Your ten dollar can help us to give a kid a school bag.
Your ten dollar can help us to plant 5 plants which will reduce CO2 and will help us to over come Global Warming and will reduce green house gases.
Your ten dollar can help us to give meal to a person for full day.
Your ten dollar can help us to give books and stationary to kids.
Your ten dollar can help us to give blanket to someone sleeping under the sky in chilling nights.
What is the worth of ten dollar for you!!! Might be nothing, but for others it can bring a lot of change in their life.
Please donate at least ten dollar and bring a change in someone life.

Being A Member

As you know we are serving humanity by spreading knowledge of Education and Health. You can become our member by donating 51 $ per annum. Read More

1Year Meal

By Donating only 99 $ per annum you can serve humanity by sponsoring a meal for one year.Read More

1Year Education

By Donating 151$ You can provide Education to a child for one year and make there Future BrightRead More
Donate Now Human Life Care Organisation (REGD)

How Can You Donate?

You Can Make Donation by Depositing Cash in Human Life Care Organisation (REGD) Bank Account

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